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Official announcement, news and interviews - Everything what is going on...


Links for articles about Guild Wars 2:


Guild Wars 2 Icebrood saga: Champions chapter 1 – Truce hands on impressions - Gamespace.com

Win gaming gear from Guild Wars 2 and Razer! - gleam.io

The Shadow of the Mad King 2020 Arrives Next Week - GuildWars2.com

Weeklong Bonus Event: Fractal Rush - GuildWars2.com

Sunqua Peak: Journey to a Sacred Land - GuildWars2.com

Guild Wars 2 voice actors are back in the studio - reddit.com

Guild Wars 2 is coming to Steam, and a new expansion is coming next year - Pcgamer.com

If You're In the Unofficial Guild Wars 2 Discord, Be On the Lookout for Mod Impersonators - Mmorpg.com

Ascend Sunqua Peak on September 15 - GuildWars2.com

Your First Look at Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons - GuildWars2.com

Celebrating Guild Wars 2’s Eighth Anniversary - GuildWars2.com

World Boss Rush Returns August 18 - GuildWars2.com

Dive into Adventure with Your Skimmer - GuildWars2.com

Let’s Play Festival of the Four Winds - GuildWars2.com

Win a Custom Guild Wars 2 Gaming PC from Origin PC - Originpc.com

“Jormag Rising” is Live - GuildWars2.com

Watch the Trailer for “Jormag Rising” - GuildWars2.com

Looking Ahead to Summer Days and Nights - GuildWars2.com

Let’s Play: Dragon Bash 2020 - GuildWars2.com

Enter to Win a SteelSeries Headset - Gleam.io

“No Quarter” is Live - GuildWars2.com

Watch the Trailer for “No Quarter” - GuildWars2.com

Voice Acting in Episode 3 of The Icebrood Saga - GuildWars2.com

Guild Wars Anniversary Free Gifts - GuildWars2.com

The Guild Wars Anniversary Celebration Begins Tomorrow -GuildWars2.com

Super Adventure Festival 2020 is Live - GuildWars2.com

Beetle Champions League (for NA servers) - Battlefficiency.eu

Super Adventure Festival 2020 Returns Next Week - GuildWars2.com

The Complete Art of Guild Wars ArenaNet 20th Anniversary Edition - Darkhorse.com

Join the Masters of the Arena Tournament - GuildWars2.com

Super Adventure Festival 2020 discussion - GuildWars.com

Guild Wars 2 Game Director Mike Zadorojny left for Amazon Games Studios - Massivelyop.com

PvP League Season 21 Begins Today - GuildWars2.com

A Message from Andrew Gray - GuildWars2.com

Looking Ahead to Spring, Summer, and the Future - GuildWars2.com

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