Sunken Treasure Hunter - Achievement & Farm

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In total there are 11 achievements with 60 AP.


If you want to farm Swim-Speed Infusion +10

  • You can get only one guaranteed Ornate Rusted Key per day from daily achievement. There is small chance of dropping key from every mob
  • You cannot farm only one location. Once you open chest in one map you have to open chests in other 9 maps to reset the first chest
  • When you finish all 10 maps you have to wait a bit before they respawn and you need to reload map
  • For this farm you need lvl 80 character
  • From one chest you get 2 - 5 infusions



You have to open 10 chests in 10 different maps. For opening you need Ornate Rusted Key. You can earn guaranteed one per day by killing 10 kraits or drop one from any mob (small chance)


Master Diver - Find and open 10 sunken chest

  • You have to open one chest on each map 
  • You cannot open only chest on one map


Master Diver: Bloodtide Coast

  • Strombluff WP [&BKUBAAA=]

Master Diver: Frostgorge Sound 

  • Slough of Despond WP [&BHwCAAA=]


Master Diver: Gendarran Fields

  • Oogooth WP [&BOIAAAA=]


Master Diver: Harathi Hinterlands

  • Shieldbluff WP [&BKYAAAA=]


Master Diver: Iron Marches

  • Brandwatch Encampment WP [&BOkBAAA=]


Master Diver: Kessex Hills

  • Overlake Haven WP [&BBMAAAA=]


Master Diver: Lornar's Pass

  • False Lake WP [&BOgAAAA=]


Master Diver: Mount Maelstrom

  • Old Sledge Site WP [&BNQCAAA=]


Master Diver: Snowden Drifts

  • Exile WP [&BLwAAAA=]


Master Diver: Timberline Falls

  • Ogduk WP [&BE0CAAA=]

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