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Hi all!

There is brief summary about creators of website gw2fans.net.



Hey guys! My real name is Dominika and I have found this website in 2019. I try to be ytber since 2017. Games are my passion. All games - pc games, console games, mobile games, board games, cards, DnD, sometimes even a sport games. Except playing I love to read and write short stories. Main games I play are Guild wars 2, Planet Coaster/Zoo, Battlefield, Fouse Flipper, Pubg, Stardey Valley and The Sims. My biggest dream is make living out of playing games. 

My bio - I was born on 1991 in Prague Czech Republic. My highest education degree is high school leaving exam (maturity) from subjects Czech language, English languade, Math, Biology and Chemistry. I am dropped out from medical university. My last job was worker in administration for logistic company now I work for Belgium bank in field of investment portfolios. I have three siblings and I grew up without father. Now i live in village with my partner and soul mate Yantti. I would love to be manager and one day and make C2 English certificate. I am 174cm tall and weight 102kg (i know). i have green eyes and brown hair. I am female I was born with XX set of chromosome. I have two cats Appa and Momo.

My hardware set up - AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Proccessor 3,5 GHz, 12GB Ram, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

My software - Windows 10 Pro, OBS studio, Photoshop, Wondershare Filmora9, Microsoft office, GeForce Experience, InPage studio, internet speed 90Mbs/12Mbs,

My goals

  • Youtube partnership
    • Need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watched hours
    • So far 335 subscribers and 2077 watched hours
  • Arenanet partnership
    • The last application: May 2020 - declined
  • Making living out of playing games
    • Youtube - no profit
    • Website advertisement - 1€ per month
    • Donation - 185 € so far

If you wonder why except Weekly lottery there are no other updates I had pretty hard last year. I badly broke my leg - already had 2 surgeries and 1 more ahead. My HDD with all my work plus my family pictures and videos got wiped and I manged to recover only like 40% of stuff. My dad hanged himself. My brother had heart attack. My cat Appa got tumor. And of course Bogy quit editing websites so I am all alone on it. 
Pretty fucked up right?


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What is name of official gw2 website?