Daily farm - things you can do daily to maximize your profit

If you have any tips, tricks, advices or if you find any mistake, please let me know in comments.



Log in reward

  • Even when you don't have time to play it is good to log in game daily to claim log in reward
  • It is the best way how to farm Mystic Coins and Laurels if you have more accounts


Daily reward

  • Requirement - completing 3 daily tasks
  • For daily you will get 10 AP (If you don't have cap 15k AP from daily/monthly), 3 spirit shards and 2 golds


Home instance gathering

  • Requirement - full home instance or opener of full home instance, gathering tool
  • If you don't have full home instance use LFG Central Tyria - Parties
  • If there is nobody offering instance, don't be shy to ask - people love to share their home instances


Guild hall gathering

  • Requirement - being in upgraded guild, gathering tool


Elder wood gathering

  • Requirement - lvl 80 character, gathering tool
  • There are 2 places with 4 and 5 Cypress Sapling nodes
  • Malchor's Leap [&BIcCAAA=]
  • Straits of Devastation [&BPgCAAA=]


Passion Flower gathering

  • Requirement - lvl 80 character, gathering tool
  • You can gather 3 Blooming Passiflora in Southsun Cove per day
  • You have guaranteed 1 Passion Flower per node
  • There are 10 spots where it can be


Quartz crystal gathering

  • Requirement - lvl 80 character, gathering tool, PoF with gryffon for additional crystals
  • There is one rich node and three normal nodes in Dry top and one rich node and two normal nodes in Crystal Oasis
  • One node in Dry Top spawns randomly on 2 different places, two nodes in Crystal Oasis spawn randomly on 3 different places
  • The rich node in Dry Top is available only at Tier 4 or higher and only each hour from xx:50 till xx:00
  • Dry top - rich node, available only at Tier 4 or higher
  • Dry top - fixed location
  • Dry top - fixed location
  • Dry top - node randomly spawns in one of these locations
  • Crystal Oasis - rich node
  • Crystal Oasis - two nodes randomly spawn in three of these locations


Charged crystal

  • Requirement - Krait Obelisk Shard, 25 quartz crystals in inventory
  • You can charge one crystal per day
  • It is crafting component you can use in variety recipies which you can sell on TP
  • You can find Krait Obelisk Shard in home instance or you can charge crystal in Wayfarer Foothills - Horncall WP [&BHQBAAA=] or any other charging hero point 


Freshwater pearl gathering

  • Requirement - lvl 80 character, Hot or Pof expansion, gathering tool
  • This farm is clearly RNG, to maximaze your chance for drop use banner and guild gathering boost

Flax gathering

  • Requirement - lvl 80 character, Hot or Pof expansion, gathering tool

Winterberries gathering

  • Requirement - lvl 80 character, Hot expansion, LS3 A Crack in the Ice, gathering tool

Rich ore gathering

  • Requirement - map lvl character, gathering tools
  • To maximize your profit
    • Have one character with whole Tyria map which you don't use very often - use it only for gathering so you don't vaste your boosts
    • Have unbreakable gathering tools with glyphs
    • Use Gathering boost, Item booster, Banner boost and Guild gathering boost
  • It is quite boring so I don't recomend you to do it daily
  • The most profitable December 2019
    • Iron, Platinum 
    • Copper, Gold, Mithril, Butternut, Potatoes, Spinach
  • Location of rich ores


Tequatl the Sunless

  • Requirement - at least lvl 55 character
  • You will receive 5 dragon chests
    • guaranteed loot - 2g, 13k karma, 22 unidentified gear, 4 Gilded coffers
    • possible loot - ascended weapon, miniatures, breather, exotic weapon, exotic accessory
  • Event is located in Sparkly Fen - Splintered Coast WP [&BNABAAA=]


Daily T4 fotm

  • Requirement - 150 agony resistant

HoT metas

  • Requirement - lvl 80 character, HoT expnasion

Material crafting

  • Requirement - crafting profession on specific lvl

Mapping materials

  • Requirement - karma

Alt parking

  • Requirement - unused character best on 80 lvl, depends on position HoT or Pof expansion

Swim-speed Infusion gathering

  • Requirement - lvl 80 character, underwater weapon
  • You can get only one guaranteed Ornate Rusted Key per day for killing 10 Kraits, there is small chance of dropping key from every mob
  • You cannot farm only one location. Once you open chest in one map you have to open chests in other 9 maps to reset the first chest
  • When you finish all 10 maps you have to wait a bit before they respawn and you need to reload map
  • From one chest you get 2 - 5 infusions
  • Locations

Ascended Materials consumation

  • Requirement - Star of Gratitude + Empyreal Fragment, Mawdrey II + Pile of Bloodstone Duct , Princess + Dragonite Ore , Sentinel Anomaly + Pile of Bloodstone Dust + Dragonite Ore

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