Hi all!

I want to thank you all for your great support! 

So there is lottery for everyone. We will draw winners each Sunday at 20:00 GMT + 1.

Rules are simple: 

  • Enter your account name in comment (your email address is not needed).
  • Each account can be entered only once.
  • If you win you will be contacted by ingame mail to verify your acount. 
  • When you answer your reward will be send.

I want to apologize for week 29.11. - 05.12. I was really busy so today there will be 2 draws with all names in pool.

Winners of the draw 29.11. - 05.12. : 100g - Michiko.2604, 75g - Vindicus.1076, 50g - DEMONT.5804
Winners of the last draw: 100g - Lottie.5370, 75g - bulgurking.2690, 50g - Akkarin.5183


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What is name of official gw2 website?

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  • Weekly Lottery

    12 Dec 2021 19:55:03 | Grey Werewolf.8452

    Grey Werewolf.8452